An initial meeting is scheduled during which we meet with the client, see the property and develop a program that takes into account the client's needs and desires.


A second visit is scheduled during which we measure and photograph the site, notating features such as light, wind, topography, existing plant material, constructed elements, neighboring properties and features of the interior space that may influence the exterior design.


We develop design concepts to the point of color sketches, which we present to the client for feedback and approval. Proposed plant material is discussed. 


Feedback from the schematic phase is incorporated and technical drawings are taken to their finished, printed stage. These drawings can be used to obtain estimates for construction from contractors.


We are available to oversee the construction of the garden by contractors we recommend or by one of the client's choosing, as well as to purchase and install plant material.


It is always our desire to remain involved in our projects over time. To that end we are available to whatever degree the client desires, for regular or sporadic maintenance visits, periodic consultation, or for completion of phased work over the span of a project.